Historic Sandown 2018 – Supp Regs and Entry information – Click here

See also – Historic Sandown 2018 – Further Regs (must read) – Click here 

More Information: Noel Robson – 0402 224 133

VHRR Code of Conduct
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Cams Event Entry

If you have not entered by Cams Event Entry before, please take the time to view the short video introduction to make entering many events quick and easy.

CAMS Event Entry Video

Should you need help with CAMSEventEntry please call:

Jeff Brown – 0438 375 332

You can view an up-to-minute list of entries with photos of cars, via Upcoming Events, Entrant List. If you have previously used CAMSEventEntry we would ask that you continue to use it.

However if you are more comfortable using a paper entry, please ensure that it is fully completed and returned, together with the applicable entry fee to the address on the Supplementary Regulations.