WARNING                               WARNING                    WARNING                   

Most members are aware that Vic Roads, Club Plate Scheme revisions came into effect on 31/01/2015.

All Clubs which operate within the CPS were required to formerly sign an agreement which obliged them to adhere to the revised clauses.

The Club Permit Agreement has some 8 clauses.

Clause 5: Provide endorsement of club permit applications.

Sub clause.

Club endorsement declares the following to be true and correct.

The permit applicant is a current financial member of the above club.

Clause 6: Endorse club permit renewals to confirm that renewal applicants are current financial members of the club.

Clause 8: Notify VicRoads in writing within 7 days if a club member becomes aware or reasonably suspects any of the following.

A club member has ceased to be a financial member of the club.

At the foot of the agreement there is the following statement.

I am aware that if the club does not conform with the requirements of the agreement, wholly or in part, VicRoads may revoke its approval of the club.

Therefore, the following applies.

VHRR memberships fall due on the 1st of July each year. If you have a vehicle on “Club Plates” you must renew your membership BEFORE that date.

There are no special “opt out” arrangements. If you wish to use the benefits of the scheme you must comply with its requirements.

In order to assist members the club will send out renewal notices earlier than in the past. However it is your responsibility to allow sufficient time for your payment to be processed before the 1st of July.


Revised procedure for Club Permit System

Major revisions to the CPS came into effect on 31/01/2015.
Before considering placing a vehicle on to CPS, it will be necessary to familiarise yourself with the new elements.
There are now two (2) forms:
The required actions are as follows:
1. Obtain both new forms from VicRoads
2. On the CPA, you will be required to nominate which of the eight (8) categories describes your vehicle.
3. If the vehicle has been changed from its original specification, it will be necessary for you to review the VEHICLE STANDARDS VSI 8 or VSI 33 guidelines. A VASS certificate may be required and WILL be required if the vehicle has not had previous Australian registration. This is not the Club’s responsibility!
4. Provide proof of ownership, i.e. purchase documents, previous registration in your name. The document must show VIN or chassis number, engine number; name and address and signature of previous owner; name and address of the new owner and date of transaction.
5. Provide a set of 6 x 4 inch dated photographs. The photographs MUST include images of the front, driver’s side, rear, driving position (side on with driver’s door open) and, where possible, any identifiers such as chassis number and engine number.
The photographs are retained by the Club.
6. Provide a current ROADWORTHY CERTIFICATE.
Copies of the appropriate forms can be obtained from the VicRoads website. Hard copies of the application forms are available at offices, but not copies of VSI8 or
VSI 33.

Once you have completed actions 1-6, contact the Club’s CPS officer and let him/her know that you are applying for CPS thru VHRR.
With all requirements met, forward all your documents to the officer with two $1.00 postage stamps. We will provide the envelope and return the documentation (less the photographs) and the recommended revised AOMC handbook, $5.00.
It is recommended that you personally visit a VicRoads office and not use the post.
Once you have received your plates, advise the officer of the plate number and renewal date. Your vehicle will not be entered on to VHRR register until you have completed this action.


There are no known changes to the renewal process. These, if any, will be advised at a future date.
1. Send the complete renewal notice with a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the VHRR CPS officer.
2. An alternative renewal method is to enclose a cheque or complete the credit card details. Change the envelope address to VicRoads and the renewal document will be sent direct to VicRoads. Allow lots of time for this process.
However, be pro-active with your renewals. It is not the responsibility of the VHRR to tell you that your renewal is due. VicRoads have advised that permits more than 60 days late will not accepted for renewal and a new application will be necessary.
We urge all current and future CPS applicants to closely monitor VicRoads and AOMC web sites for up-to-date information.

The current VHRR CPS officer is:
Gordon Hellsten
5 Handel court,
Blackburn, Vic. 3130
03 98785272